Pharmaceutical Returns Service -Reverse Distribution of Expired Pharmaceutical Products


How The Rx Exchange Processes Your Returns

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 48-hour Service

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     Manufacturers' Return Authorizations

     Controlled Substances Compliance
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     Inventory Reports

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The Rx Exchange is a "One-Stop Shop"
for the Busy Pharmacist

The Rx Exchange offers a variety of services that can be quickly tailored to provide solutions for retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, medical center pharmacies, and speciality pharmacies.

Within 48 hours of receipt of your Rx merchandise, we will:

  • segregate, classify, and process all products
  • ship returnable merchandise directly to manufacturers/agents
  • apply for Return Goods Authorizations as required for fullfillment
  • process all Scheduled substances, CII - CV
  • issue DEA Form 222 as needed
  • produce detailed inventory reporting
  • transfer all non-returnable inventory to designated disposal stream
  • assign in-dated merchandise to automated mortuary bins for "aging"
  • complete and submit all regulatory reports to appropriate agencies
  • dispose up to 10 pounds of non Rx items at no additional charge

pharmaceutical returns for creditsBut we don't just stop there!

Your dedicated Account Executive will conduct frequent follow up status calls to update you or answer any questions regarding your return. To further ensure that our clients see every penny generated by each return, we remove ourselves entirely from the reimbursement loop. A stream of checks (sent directly to you from the manufacturer) and/or credits (applied directly to your wholesaler account of record) goes to you, rather than passing through the hands of a third party.

Once the return is received at our Processing Center, a fully itemized inventory report, essentially a breakdown to the most granular detail, of each product, quantity, and estimated value is available to you within 48 hours. Estimated dollar values of each item are clearly spelled out and backed up by our written guarantee.

Does "removing ourselves from the reimbursement loop" mean leaving you on your own to manage this financial deluge?

Not at all... in fact from the moment the return, broken out into its constituent parts, ships back to the manufacturers from our Processing Center, The Rx Exchange's team of consultative account executives begins the second, most important phase of the return; compiling the credit research that will ultimately comprise the audit trail attached to each return we deliver.

With the itemized inventory report and the credit research audit trail—a sturdy pair of bookends, bracing and aligning your return data—in place, reconciling monies received with those still outstanding is a task easily accomplished.